For Token-Issuing Firms

Token sales are complex and competitive global affairs. In today’s market, they require a sale structure where all of the details – not most – are calibrated correctly. Token-ecosystem design is pivotal, as is knowing the right investors to lead a round. Mistaking today’s market norms for those of even a few months ago will likely lead to failure.

What is complex from the outside is straightforward from the inside. Judge Research offers academic and industry expertise as a service both to token-issuing firms and the blockchain advisory firms that help guide them.

Campaign Strategy and Tactics

Campaigns are exercises in building coalitions. Assembling a global coalition is not easy. Who, specifically, would be interested in running point in Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, L.A. and Silicon Valley, and how do you get them on board? And who is the most effective at what role?

Structuring the sale so that one large purchaser brings in dozens more is usually a critical juncture of a campaign. Most importantly, how can you structure a sale so that it is in keeping with market norms right now, not three months ago.

Industry Surveys

Economists work with industry experts to give firms the market intelligence they need. What is the exact competitive landscape at the intersection of blockchain and your industry? Who are the leading large token-purchasers?

Market Intelligence

Proprietary software allows us to measure the strength of your competitors’ tokens and communities. The key metrics that large token purchasers look at – probably before your whitepaper – you must know before you meet them, not after.

Ecosystem Design

A token must be integrated into the ecosystem such that (a) consumer demand is brought into the system, and (b) that demand is multiplied by the design of the ecosystem.

The above holds many parallels to how a national economy should be capable of generating demand for exports, and large money multiplier effects. Token ecosystem designs are an emerging topic, but having an economist review the plans for the ecosystem can help you differentiate between essential information and noise.