Ethan Mevi

Unlike most firms that offer advisory services, Judge Research offers solutions, not just advice. Judge Research was founded in conjunction with a dev shop that offers fast, powerful technical build for firms interest in blockchain and solving ESG-related issues. Building a dev shop is more than just hiring talented developers. It’s about vendor relationships, management of complex projects and workflows, and other skills that can only be mastered through decades of experience. Combined, these skills can turn what would be years of work into months.

Ethan Mevi has two decades’ experience solving technical build problems in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Tech firms bring him on board when the problems are too difficult or specialized for their in-house teams. He has served as an interim CTO, Product Manager, and management lead at over 100 companies over the course of his career.

In addition to growing his own applicant development organization, as a Senior Executive, Ethan has had a key role in building technology companies from early start-ups into nationwide firms. Ethan has delivered mobile, Android, iOS, Web, and cloud applications utilizing various technologies for front-end, back-end, and data storage.