For Advisory Firms, Blockchain Funds and Accelerators

Leading actors in the blockchain industry are constrained less by capital than by managerial bandwidth.

“If advisory and accelerator services are viewed like a software stack, one layer must be economic expertise.”

Our experience with dozens of potential advisory and accelerator clients has led us to develop an ability to coach clients into following advice they often resist: dedicated hiring, product development, and structuring a sale according to market constraints.

Industry Surveys

Economists work with industry experts to give firms the market intelligence they need. What is the exact competitive landscape at the intersection of blockchain and your industry? Who are the leading large token-purchasers?

Market Intelligence

Proprietary software allows us to measure the strength of your competitors’ tokens and communities.

Ecosystem Design

A token must be integrated into the ecosystem such that (a) consumer demand is brought into the system, and (b) that demand is multiplied by the design of the ecosystem.

Judge Research + RootShop

Judge Research was founded in conjunction with RootShop, a dev shop focused on technical build for blockchain and ESG projects. Hiring, vendor relationships, management of complex projects and workflows, and other skills that can only be mastered through decades of experience. Combined, these skills can turn what would be years of work into months.